Guangdong Sanyi Technology Co., LTD

Founded in 2008, Sanyi Technology is an emerging enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of nylon modified materials and polycarbonate PC modified materials. Adhering to the professional development strategy, sanyi technology is committed to providing customers with professional technical consultation, excellent raw material supply, detailed quality diagnosis and other full set of engineering plastics services and solutions.  

In order to further improve the research and development of science and technology and improve the cost performance of materials, Guangdong Sanyi Technology Co., LTD. (Chaolian Head Office) was established in April 2018.  Established in May 2018, Sanyi Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is equipped with the same advanced production equipment and inspection equipment as in China. In strict accordance with ISO9001 quality certification management, sanyi Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is equipped with a number of standard material production lines to make full preparations for the bulk purchase of domestic and foreign enterprises.  

To provide you with mature raw material production services, we look forward to cooperating with you!