There are specialisms in arts

Three easy technology to implement professional management, specializing in polyamide nylon, polycarbonate PC modification technology.  Sanyi people constantly research and develop and introduce advanced production technology, communicate with customers with the enthusiasm of friends, with rich experience to solve customers' doubts, and strive to meet customers' requirements of nylon material, polycarbonate PC in strength, flame retardant and other aspects.  

Unlimited Service

Sanyi technology not only pays attention to the cost performance of products, but also pays attention to the high level of pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.  Sanyi people sales is the product, sell is service.  

Manage Talent

Sanyi technology always adheres to the people-oriented management concept, and comprehensively cultivates the professional skills, quality concept, safety awareness and moral accomplishment of the employees, so as to realize the comprehensive excavation of the creativity and potential of the employees.