Flame retardant nylon manufacturer: surface gloss of nylon particle material

2022-07-14 1123

The poor gloss of modified nylon particles mainly refers to the dull surface of products and the poor transparency of transparent products. We mainly propose solutions from three aspects.

What we want to say is that the injection molding process parameters are improperly adjusted. There are many factors involved in this aspect, such as too slow injection speed, low pressure, short pressure holding time, too large buffer pad, insufficient supercharger pressure, poor dispersion of filler or exposed filler, low barrel or mold temperature in the injection molding process. If there is a dark area near the gate or at the section, it can be solved by reducing the injection speed, expanding the gate area, changing the gate position, and increasing the arc transition at the section. If there is a layer of milky white on the surface of the product, the injection speed can be appropriately reduced. If the surface gloss of the modified nylon particle material is poor due to the poor dispersion of the filler, it is necessary to change the screw with good mixing effect.

Then we want to talk about the mold, which determines all the products, including shape and size, molding difficulty, performance, and even surface gloss. If the surface of the mold is not smooth enough or there are some scars, it will directly affect the surface of the modified nylon particle material products. Pay attention to keep the surface of the mold clean. Do not overuse the release agent, and the probability of gloss problems will be greatly reduced. The requirements on the production of molds are also very strict. It's better not to think about saving money in this link. You should understand the truth that cheap goods are not good goods. Mold temperature also has a great impact on the gloss of products. Different kinds of materials are different under different mold temperature conditions. If the mold temperature is too low, the melt will solidify after contacting the mold, and there is almost no flat surface. The mold temperature can be appropriately increased, and the method of introducing warm water into the cooling circuit can be used to transfer heat in the mold cavity, so as not to prolong the molding cycle, but the mold temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will also affect the surface gloss of the product.


Next is what we want to say. The modified nylon particle material contains a large amount of water or other volatile gases. During molding, the volatile gases condense between the cavity wall of the mold and the solution. It should be dried before feeding to minimize the generation of water vapor; At the same time, in the selection of additives and masterbatch dyes, we should also pay attention to the type matching the modified nylon particle material to avoid gasification failure in normal heating. Then we Hengshui Jinlun also use pure new materials, which contain almost no impurities, to further solve the generation of gas in products. If it is limited due to cost reasons, you need to choose materials with good material quality as much as possible. If you don't understand this part, you can change your thinking and hand over the problem of * to someone to do it. Find a good modified nylon particle material supplier, who can help you choose the materials suitable for you according to your situation. After all, expensive is not good, What you need is suitable for you and can help you solve the problem of poor surface gloss of products.

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