Flame retardant nylon manufacturer: flame retardant PC material for patch panel can better ensure the safety of household electricity

2022-07-14 1191

Wiring board, also known as plug-in, is an indispensable auxiliary tool for every household to use electricity, which can solve the problem that people are far away from sockets when using electricity. The wiring board has multiple jacks, which can meet the needs of different electrical appliances in the family and save space. What information can be used in the wiring board to ensure power safety

Wiring boards are produced from three different materials: bakelite, ceramic and plastic. Bakelite and ceramic wiring boards were often used decades ago, and many plastic wiring boards on the market were produced with traditional ABS materials. Traditional ABS data is a kind of engineering plastic, which has good inductive function, but the data is flammable, not resistant to high temperature and easy to aging. Although this material is insulated, it is not flame retardant. When the wiring board is short circuited and heated, it is easy to cause a fire.


The produced wiring board is specially made of flame-retardant PC material, which is easy to process, has good heat resistance, the heat deformation temperature can reach 120 ° C, has flame-retardant function, and the flame-retardant grade can reach V0 grade. It has the function of self extinguishing when leaving the fire, which meets the data requirements of the new national standard of the patch panel. The material color and function can be customized according to customer needs.

When you buy the terminal board, you should choose the brand merchants with guaranteed quality. In addition, we should pay more attention when using the terminal block. Remember to unplug the mobile phone charging line when you don't need it, and don't plug unnecessary household appliances into the wiring board for a long time, so as to prevent heating and aging between the plug and the wiring board. Prevent the electrical power used together on a wiring board from exceeding the power design peak of the wiring board, resulting in overheating of the wiring board and fire. If the wiring board is found to be yellow or black, replace it with a new one in time.

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