Types of plastic reinforcing fibers

2022-07-14 840

There are many kinds of reinforcing fibers, and different kinds have different functions. When applied, they are generally selected according to the functional requirements of products, processing equipment, etc.

(1) Alkali free glass fiber is generally selected as reinforced plastic

The amount of glass fiber is generally 10-40. High glass fiber content can improve the mechanical strength and heat resistance of reinforced plastics, reduce the molding shrinkage and add dimensional stability. However, high glass fiber content will add melt viscosity and reduce fluidity.


(2) When there are high requirements for mechanical functions and other functions, high-function reinforcement materials such as carbon fiber should be selected

When necessary, reinforcing materials can be used in combination, such as glass fiber / carbon fiber composite, carbon fiber as the core layer, glass fiber as the surface layer, double-layer reinforcement, glass fiber and powdery filler composite reinforcement, such as glass fiber (dosage of 10) and CaCO3 (dosage of 30) composite for PP reinforcement.

(3) When reinforcing thermoplastic, short cut fiber or long fiber is generally used to make pellets

However, in fact, the fiber size selected in the formula is not equal to that in the product. Because the length and orientation of the fiber are greatly limited by granulation and molding.

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