Jiangmen flame retardant pc:pa modified material

2022-07-14 881

Due to the characteristics of PA, it has strong hygroscopicity and poor dimensional stability, but it can be changed by modification.

1. Flame retardant pa

Due to the addition of flame retardants in PA, most of the flame retardants are easy to decompose at high temperature, releasing acidic substances, which have a corrosive effect on metals. Therefore, plasticized components (screws, rubber heads, rubber rings, rubber washers, flanges, etc.) need to be plated with hard chromium. In terms of process, try to control the barrel temperature not too high, and the injection speed not too fast, so as to prevent the product from discoloration and mechanical function decline due to the decomposition of the rubber material due to too high temperature.


2. Weatherproof pa

Carbon black and other UV absorbing additives are added to PA, which greatly enhances the self lubrication of PA and the wear of metal, and will affect the blanking and wear of machine parts during molding processing. Therefore, it is necessary to select the combination of screw, barrel, rubber head, rubber ring and rubber washer with strong feeding capacity and high * *.

3. Transparent pa

It has good tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, chemical resistance, surface hardness and other functions. It has high light transmittance, which is similar to optical glass. The processing temperature is 300-315 ℃. During molding, it is necessary to strictly control the barrel temperature. Too high melt temperature will cause discoloration of the product due to degradation, and too low temperature will affect the transparency of the product due to poor plasticization. The mold temperature should be as low as possible. High mold temperature will reduce the transparency of products due to crystallization.

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