What are the uses of Jiangmen flame retardant pc:pp flame retardant

2022-07-14 849

PP Flame retardant material is a kind of flame retardant and fire-proof material that is widely used now. It has good thermal stability and other advantages, so it is widely used in clothing, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, fire protection, national defense and other fields.

Functional requirements of flame retardant PP used in household appliances

Flame retardant PP is mainly used in black household appliances, because white household appliances have high requirements for beauty, and the performance of flame retardant PP in this regard is still not ambitious. Because flame retardant PP has the advantages of easy processing and low price, it is widely used in some components that do not have high requirements for data functions, especially components with general requirements for heat resistance, such as wiring terminals in computer chassis, wall switches, etc. flame retardant PP data can better meet the needs of products and reduce production costs. Because of this, flame retardant PP is widely used in motor, skeleton coil and other fields. The following describes the functional requirements of several types of flame retardant PP materials used in household appliances.


PP Flame retardant is widely used, which can be used to manufacture heat-resistant parts around car engines; It can also be used to make axle pedals of cars that need to resist bending fatigue, cover and various containers of documents, etc. PP is widely used in manufacturing chemical pipelines, various storage tanks and filter press frames. It can also be used to produce fiber, monofilament, flat filament, flat strip, rope and other products and pipes. Flat filament can be made into woven bags. In addition, PP can also be woven into various films for packaging materials, etc.

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